Alvey blockchain: The future starts NOW!
We introduce you the world’s first VR Multiverse Exchange.
Join the fastest and the most decentr
alized ecosystem
Alvey Coin is a decentralized blockchain project built on Bitcoin's UTXO model, with support for Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart contracts, and secured by a Proof of Stake (P.O.S) consensus.
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It implements a full node and is capable of storing, validating, and distributing all the history of Alvey Chain. A.C.C is considered the reference implementation for Alvey Coin network.
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Alvey Metaverse
For global
Explore the wonderous forest of the Elves, filled with many great rewards. Nourish your thirst for magic! Traverse and participate in airdrops from our Dapps, collect NFTs and much more.
We make
We are building the first Virtual Reality Exchange in the World
Dapps Develop
A fast-growing ecosystem that powers the next generation of Dapps. From Games to DeFi to Web3 to VR, our blockchain provides the best conditions to make them thrive to their truest potential.
/IOS Wallets
For storing, staking and earning rewards. Safe, easy to use and with quick access to DApps and NFTs. Credit Card integration will provide secure and effortless access to your crypto and fiat currencies.
STAge 1
  • Blockchain creation
  • Explorer, nodes
  • Windows / Linux Wallet
  • Researc
STAge 1
  • ICO  
  • Global MarketING
  • gCEX Listing
  • Windows / Linux Wallet
STAge 1
  • Credit card integration
  • Dapps development
  • Setting up Foundation to attract
  • more builders
  • Alvey Metaverse
STAge 1
  • Multi-chain Trading & Staking
  • Sponsorship & Partnership
  • NFT MarketplaceRelease
  • Multi-Verse DEX
STAge 1
  • Alvey Yield 2.0
Our Team
Not only is Alvey ultra-fast and low cost, it is censorship resistant. The Alvey network is spread over thousands of independent nodes — which means that your transactions are always safe.
Solana Community
There's something for everybody. Follow along, chat on Discord, or read up on what we’re doing.
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Become a Validator
Help secure the network by running decentralized infrastructure. Learn about operating a validator node.
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Become a Validator
Help secure the network by running decentralized infrastructure. Learn about operating a validator node.
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The Number 1 Launchpad
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Silicon Valley accelerator
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Binance Smart Chain
The leading blockchain API and analytics platform for BNB Smart Chain
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Elvish / Noble Friend
Diminutive of Alvin: Wise friend.
From the Old English Aetheiwine or Aefwine, both meaning noble friend. In both realms Alvey is marked by nobility and true friendship. We believe that Alvey has the ability to bring people together and to guild them onto a path of harmonious and successful achievements.   “It is a spiritual belief that destiny is written in a person's name” Novaer mellon!
Elvish / Noble Friend

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